New Dancer Classes
Emerald Square Dance Center
2095 Yolanda Street
Springfield, Oregon
The Wolf Pack was born February 14, 1998.  It started as a class for New
Dancers.  One year and two classes later, the club decided to incorporate and
join the Emerald Empire Area Council of the Oregon Federation of Square and
Round Dance Clubs.  We will be celebrating our 19th birthday in February,
2017 and are looking forward to many more years of dancing enjoyment.

The Wolf Pack is a family oriented Mainstream club.    We have members
ranging in age from 9 to 70 plus.  Singles, Couples and Families.  Everyone is
welcome to dance with us, or if you are just interested in learning more about
the world of Square Dancing, you are welcome to come and watch.
"Real People Having
Real Fun"
Dance Schedule
Starting in September 2016
We will be dancing the 1st Saturday of the month
Emerald Square Dance Center
2095 Yolanda Street
Springfield, Oregon

Mainstream Squares 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Adults $5.00 - Youth $2.00
Square Dance
The Wolf Pack
PO Box 70381
Springfield, Oregon  97475

2095 Yolanda
Springfield, Oregon  97477

Caller: Sandy Harris
Cuer: Christina Corelli

President:  Richard Burdick
Vice President:  Judith Niems
Secretary:  Jerry Jones
Treasurer:  Larry Dupray
For more information:
(541) 726-8785
or Write:
The Wolf Pack
PO Box 70381
Eugene, Oregon  97475
As a club project, the Wolf Pack sponsors a wolf at Wolf Haven
International in Tenino, Washington.  For several years we sponsored
Angel.  She passed away in February 2012.  We are now sponsoring
Shadow at Wolf Haven. You may visit him and the other wolves at