Miscellaneous Pages:

Links, Etc. - A few Miscellaneous Links of Interest & a Lot
of Etc.

Links, Etc. Part Two - The sequel

Cowboy Page - My heroes have always been cowboys.

Wolf Rock - One of my favorite places in the Oregon

Landis Cabin - Another favorite place in the Oregon

Go Ducks! - Oregon is Duck Country!

Message - A very important message for you from your
local neighborhood Web Master.

The Dog Page - Just a little tribute here to man's best

Credits - Links to graphic and music sources.  Giving
credit where credit is due.

MySpace - You really must pay us visit on our page at My

Coming Attractions - The crew at unity9.com is hard at
work building a new page for your viewing pleasure.  
Visitors are welcome but remember to wear your hard
hat.   This is a construction zone.

Check back for updates.  More pages exist in my mind.  
They may show up here at some future point.  Someday
when I once again find myself with way too much time on
my hands.