The original cabin at this site was built by Cy J. Bingham and Addie L. Morris, early forest rangers, in
the very early 1900s.  It was broken down from the weight of winter snow and rebuilt in 1918 by C. J.
Landis and Smith L. Taylor.  That cabin was destroyed by vandals who burned it down in 1970.
   The cabin now standing here is a replica of that cabin built in 1971 -1972 as a project of the
Neighborhood Youth Corps (NYC).  George Truce, a Forest Service employee and Terry Wilson and
Lloyd Blankenship of the NYC costructed the cabin.
   The cabin was the summer home of early firemen who patrolled the area.  At that time there were no
roads, only a trail that was constructed by Charles McClane in 1880.
   The Box Canyon Fireman Station a short ways to the south was built by the Civilian Conservation
Corps in 1934.
Located on the divide between the McKenzie River and the
Willamette River Drainages, Landis Cabin is a favorite spot
to visit on the Willamette National Forest.  It is near Mile
Post 32 on Forest Road 19.
Just take this little trail off of Road 19 for
a very short walk and there you are.
View from the back window
View from the front door
Landis Cabin
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The Box Canyon Fireman Station