Aside from the name of course, because of its striking appearance and abrupt
contrast with the surrounding terrain, one of my favorite landmarks is Wolf Rock
which is located centrally in the Oregon Cascades, and is recognized as Oregon's
largest monolith. This was the plug of an ancient volcano that has eroded away to
the hard core.   It rises from less than 3,600 feet elevation at the base to over
4,500 feet.  The origin of the name is not known, however wolves (canis lupus)
were quite prevalent in the McKenzie River drainage  prior to 1930 and with a
little bit of luck will once again roam this area in the future making their
contribution to the overall ecological health of the environment.

To visit Wolf Rock, take Forest Road 15 (Blue River Road) off of Highway 126.  
Stay on the main road and near Mile Post 12 it will pop into view.
Wolf Rock, Oregon
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